Sexual harassment lawyers in LA help Kristy

Kristy was a full-time employee working at a paper printing and copy store. She had been working there for the last four months making $9 an hour helping customers and working the register. Recently the company changed management and hired a man named Timmy. Timmy began picking on Kristy as soon as she came to the company as he favored the men by giving them more responsibilities breaks, and letting them get away with things that were against the rules. Often she was not included in memos and was not invited to meetings. According to Timmy, it was not a woman’s business to be poking around a man’s business. Kristy confronted Tim and told him that he was singling her out since she was the only woman at the store and that he needed to keep his comments to himself. In response he continued to call her emotional and emotional unstable, passing her up for any promotional opportunities. Kristy could no longer take the sexist comments and discrimination from her boss. She went to file a complaint with the corporate head quarts. When she spoke with the representative, they told her that she had to leave work without pay while they investigated the situation. Two weeks went by and Kristy was not being paid and had still not been contacted by the representative she spoke with previously. When she tried calling to speak with the representative for an update, she was told that she was always out of the office or on another call. Her husband told her that she should contact Employment Lawyers in San Bernardino. The lawyer told her over the phone that she may have a case against her boss and the company for discrimination, sexual harassment, and could potentially file damages for the wages lost while she was out of work. If you, or someone you know, has experienced a situation similar to this, contact Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers.